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Certified Medical Auditor | CCMA | CMASBecome CMAS NOW Online

Ready to apply or take your CMAS Exam? We offer it ALL ONLINE now!
Certified Medical Auditor | CCMA | CMASEven RENEW Your CMAS Online

Time to renew? We offer a very simple process, again, online!
Certified Medical Auditor | CCMA | CMASForums & Resources Now Online

Members have your own forums, and links to tons of resources.

Learn to Audit and Boost Your Career

Adding a powerful skill to your personal toolkit is the best way to advance your career and prove your worth.

Earn More with a CMAS Certification

Auditing has become a very valuable skill for every kind of provider, and means you can command  a better income.

Affordable Now, and In Your Future

A truly affordable cost for your entry exam, and an even more affordable fee to recertify. Count on it!